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Food cooked on our Rondue is fresh, healthy and low in fat. You’ll enjoy the tastiest chicken, tender beef and pork steaks and sizzling seafood. You can marinade your food for that extra flavour or cook them simply as they are. Vegetables with a light brushing of oil are particularly succulent.



The Rondue is perfect for entertaining, but it’s so easy to use you can cook with it everyday. You don’t always need to follow a recipe, just throw on whatever you have in your fridge, with or without those forgotten spices in the cupboard and have fun discovering new recipes!



A single Rondue is the ideal size for up to four people, but for larger gatherings, you can use it as a buffet centrepiece or simply have two. Place it on a mat or tablecloth as it can sizzle, and lightly brush oil onto the grill plate before you begin (not required if seafood or marinaded meats). Let it heat up for five to ten minutes before you start, then simply place your prepared ingredients on with tongs – always use separate utensils for raw and cooked meat or seafood. Make sure you space out your ingredients and don’t pile them up or they won’t cook through. A single gel pack lasts around an hour. Once you've finished cooking, extinguish the gel pack, let the Rondue cool, then clean off any cooking residue from the grill and wash with warm soapy water with a soft cloth. The grill plate is an industrial grade anodisation and will last a 1,000 uses. The ceramic base will probably only need a wipe.

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