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It's pretty simple really – good food and good friends are what good times are made of. And the Rondue is about making the most of those moments by bringing people together, getting the cook out of the kitchen and enjoying delicious healthy food together.

As foodie folk, we love going out to restaurants and cooking delicious meals, but what's really special to us is relaxed, informal eating in the heart of our own homes.

We've used our Rondues for spontaneous meals, romantic evenings and family gatherings, in our kitchens, dining rooms, gardens and on our balconies.

It brings a sense of fun to everyday occasions and we think it helps bring friends and family closer.

And we're not just sociable, we're socially responsible too!

We actively support organic, local and seasonal eating and grilling with the Rondue is one of the healthiest ways to cook. Good fresh food is what Table Top Cooking is all about, so join us and get grilling!

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